We build edible, floral and sensory gardens within Aged Care Facilities

"You should see the transformation. Everyone just started talking to each other"

Helping to bring 'home' into Home.

A project to support residents within Aged Care Facilities to become Gardeners. To facilitate the wider community to assist where they can, to encourage communication and increase good eating.


Goal One

Improve the lifestyle and well-being of those living in Aged Care Facilities through the establishment and maintenance of edible, floral and sensory gardens

Goal Two

Establish and build links between Aged Care, local school communities and community and service groups.

Goal Three

Continue to develop a positive experience for Aged Care residents with their family and friends who visit.

Goal Four

To continue to assess and improve the garden amenity to suit the changing needs of residents of Aged Care Facilities within Australia including exploration of research opportunities with Medical, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Speech Pathology, Diet and Nutrition and Kitchen (food service).

Goal Five

Provide a platform to develop further programmes from this project, e.g. Jam Club, Cookbooks, Stall and local Farmers Market, coordinated with community garden, coordinate with local primary school community programs etc.


The Village Garden came from the inspiration of David Barnier, a practicing Speech Pathologist, from Endeavour Speech Pathology and Co-Owner of Irons and Craig with Antony Perring. After many years working within Aged Care with residents on their communication and dysphagia, he saw a need to change its food culture from basic need back to pleasure and adventure.

"We facilitate and assist gardeners who live in care through enablement and empowerment." David Barnier.


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